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como usar o initializeArrayWithRangeRight no javascript es6

January 04, 2020

Initializes an array containing the numbers in the specified range (in reverse) where start and end are inclusive with their common difference step.

Use Array.from(Math.ceil((end+1-start)/step)) to create an array of the desired length(the amounts of elements is equal to (end-start)/step or (end+1-start)/step for inclusive end), Array.prototype.map() to fill with the desired values in a range. You can omit start to use a default value of 0. You can omit step to use a default value of 1.

const initializeArrayWithRangeRight = (end, start = 0, step = 1) =>
  Array.from({ length: Math.ceil((end + 1 - start) / step) }).map(
    (v, i, arr) => (arr.length - i - 1) * step + start
initializeArrayWithRangeRight(5); // [5,4,3,2,1,0]
initializeArrayWithRangeRight(7, 3); // [7,6,5,4,3]
initializeArrayWithRangeRight(9, 0, 2); // [8,6,4,2,0]

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