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como usar o bindKey no javascript es6

January 04, 2020

Creates a function that invokes the method at a given key of an object, optionally adding any additional supplied parameters to the beginning of the arguments.

Return a function that uses Function.prototype.apply() to bind context[fn] to context. Use the spread operator (...) to prepend any additional supplied parameters to the arguments.

const bindKey = (context, fn, ...boundArgs) => (...args) =>
  context[fn].apply(context, [...boundArgs, ...args]);
const freddy = {
  user: 'fred',
  greet: function(greeting, punctuation) {
    return greeting + ' ' + this.user + punctuation;
const freddyBound = bindKey(freddy, 'greet');
console.log(freddyBound('hi', '!')); // 'hi fred!'

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